About My Jinga Juice

My Jinga Juice Incorporated was established on July 2012. Our aim is two-fold: first, to promote a healthy lifestyle and help people achieve well-being through quality health products; second, to provide Filipinos with a good source of livelihood.
  • 2012

    My Jinga Juice Official Launching

    Last Sept. 8, 2012 My Jinga Juice was officially launched with celebrity guest Ruffa Guttierrez with Garry Norman, one of the owners of My Jinga Juice.

  • 2013

    My Jinga Juice 1st Year Anniversary

    My Jinga Juice Inc. celebrated its 1st year anniversary with more than 50,000 dealers.

  • 2014

    My Jinga Juice Is Growing Fast!

My Jinga Juice Products

Offering you the most useful products you will ever need for your health and wellness.

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Our Opportunity

If you are an OFW, a working mom, a regular employee or a business owner, stay at home mom or even a student, you are invited to look at the business opportunity that My Jinga Juice offers.

Jinga Juice Dealership Plans

Maximize your potential income to earn with our Jinga Juice business opportunity by choosing one of the Dealership Plans listed below.

3 Heads P26,910

  • Potential Income: P900,000
  • Immediate Commission of P3,500
  • FREE 13.5 Boxes
  • Total of 34.5 Jinga Juice Boxes

7 HeadsP62,790

  • Potential Income of P2.1 Million
  • Immediate Commission of P13,500
  • FREE 31.5 Boxes
  • Total of 80.5 Boxes

5 Heads P44,850

  • Potential Income of P1.5 Million
  • Immediate Commission of P7,000
  • FREE 22.5 Boxes
  • Total of 57.5 Boxes

These Plans are proven to give you the best results in earning more with My Jinga Juice.

Meet Our Local & International Team

Contact the nearest Unstoppable Jinga Team in your area.

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